Via Parini, 5
36055 Nove (Vicenza) – Italy
1718 VI
Brand Creative
Patents TF, brevetti: CREATIVAE (gioielli con memoria di forma); Collezione Sirio
Activity Manufacturer of gold jewellery
Products Rings – Bracelets – Charms – Necklaces – Earrings – Pendants – Bangles
Manufacturing process Hollow tube
Potential Partners Wholesalers – Importers – chains
Strengths Specializations Specialized in the production of 9, 14, 18, 21 and 22 kt gold jewellery. Specialized in the industrial production of gold jewellery using engraved beads. Specialized in the production of items with high technological content. Specialized in the creation of complete sets with high added value in terms of hand-crafting and craftsmanship. Only interested in selling their own brand.
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